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Zotac launches Zbox Nano Nettop

Zotac launches tiny AMD E-series powered ZBOX nano

After we announced the Zbox AD-02 and the  Sapphire Edge HD2  a few weeks ago, Zotac’s launches tiny AMD E-350 and E-450  powered ZBOX nano nettops.

We first saw this tiny box on display at Computex, but back then it was  featuring a VIA Nano CPU, but it seems like either Zotac changed their mind, or  they just made another SKU with AMD’s E-series APU. Zotac will apparently be  offering the ZBOX nano with either an AMD E-350 or an E-450, although the  initial version appears to be sporting the E-350. Despite its small size, the  ZBOX nano is missing very little in terms of features.


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