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Zappiti Media Center: a multimedia content management for PC.

A simple, fun and free application. As a cabinet, Zappiti Media Center offers to manage all your multimedia content.

After downloading and installing the software, explore all your movies, your series and your music, and let Zappiti Media Center to automatically store them alphabetically, by category or by topic.


An intelligent platform

The Zappiti Media Center interface is able to automatically recognize and analyze your collections of movies, series or music and collect a lot of information about the data: movies covers, synopsis, duration, actors, artists, seasons, summaries…

All these elements, as well as the visuals, can easily be manually edited via a table specially dedicated for this purpose.


A tool tip with the latest technology

The software is offered by the Archisoft group, expert in new technologies for more than 20 years. After more than three years of research and development, Zappiti Media Center was released in 2012 and quickly became an indispensable tool for all lovers of high-tech and multimedia.

Available in several languages​​, the software is free to download.

With this digital library, you can play your movies, series and listen to your music easily!

Finally, the optional application for iPad, iPhone and soon Android will allow you to remotely control this concentration of technology with a virtual remote control.

You can download it at

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