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ZAP-A10, a new Android set-top box

The market for set-top box, ie, mini-boxes designed to play movies or music is booming. It becomes even more difficult to move towards the good deals considering the amount of products.

To add a little confusion, we present the ZAP-A10, one of the many media players running Android, but it manages to stand out from the competition.

It is above all its well provided connectivity that captures the attention. Where the majority of set-top boxes have one or two USB ports, it has four. There’s a SD card reader, HDMI and composite audio output and an Ethernet 100Mb/s. One can ask questions about the flowrate of the network. Although, it is still the standard for many devices, in practice, it is not limited when viewing HD videos through the network. For those allergic to cables, it will always be possible to plug in a USB wifi.

The ZAP-A10 measures just over 11cm from the side, it features a ARM Cortex A9 SoC, 1GB of DDR3 and 4GB of internal memory. The bundle contains a cable for composite output (YPbPr), another for audio (to RCA) and finally, a remote control.

Available for $86.40 with free shipping , it seems very honest.

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