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Zalman N series 128GB SSD Review

The Zalman N series Solid State Drives come with DuraClass technology which is part of the SandForce controller family.

The DuraClass technology has several parts to it which include, DuraWrite, ECC and RAISE, Advanced Wear Leveling and Monitoring, Read/Program Disturb Management, and Recycler.

According to Zalman, the S series SSDs will be offered in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models with sequential read speeds of up to 260MB/s.

However, not all S series SSDs will perform at these speeds. The 32GB model will have write speeds up to 60MB/s, up to 120MB/s speeds on the 64GB model, and 210MB/s speeds for the 128GB model.

The N series SSDs on the other hand will be offered in 64GB and 128GB models, with up to 280MB/s sequential read speeds and up to 270MB/s write speeds.


S Series

  • SSD0032S1 – 32GB – $100
  • SSD0064S1 – 64GB – $150
  • SSD0128S1 – 128GB – $250

N Series

  • SSD0064N1 – 64GB – $170
  • SSD0128N1 – 128GB – $290

Zalman N series 128GB SSD Review

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