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Zalman Launches SSD-F1 Series

Zalman is launching its own series of SSD, the F1. There are in fact within the SSD the usual SandForce SF-2281 and Flash IMFT 25nm synchronous couple already used by many other models such as the OCZ Vertex 3, Corsair Force 3 GT and Kingston HyperX.

The Zalman F1 are announced in versions 60, 120 and 240 GB, the maximum performance is achieved on this latest version with up to 560 MB/s read, 530 MB/s write, 45K IOPS read and write.

As usual with SandForce, these rates reflect only ideal cases where the data is compressible by the controller. Otherwise the reading does not suffer too much (falls to 500 MB/s), but the writing goes to 160 MB/s. It’s better than what happens to the couple SF-2281 / Flash IMFT 25 nm asynchronous (3 Agility OCZ, Corsair Force 3), which also suffers a big loss in reading in such a case.

Supplied with a 3.5″ adapter and Acronis True Image HD, they have a three years warranty. Their price ia $150, $260 and $550 respectively for 60, 120 and 240GB versions.

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