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Zalman launched two entry-level power supplies of 450W and 500W

Zalman has added two new power supplies to its catalog: the ZM450-GS and the ZM500-GS. As the specifications sugest they have a power of 450W and 500W, targeting users with a bit greedy configuration. Both models have a chassis with dimensions of 140x150x86 mm. Despite their low power, they have not received any 80Plus certification because their performance is up to 84% with 50% load, which is a shame. As a reminder, be aware that it takes at minimum yields of 81/85/81% respectively for 20/50/100% load for 80Plus Bronze certification.

The wiring is not modular, but it should be noted that the cables are sheathed. Both models have exactly the same number of connectors, here below, the composition:

  • 20+4 Pin Main Power Connector x 1
  • E-IDE 4 Pin Connector X 4
  • 4+4 Pin 12V Power Connector X 1
  • SATA Power Connector X 6
  • PCI-E 6+2 Auxiliary Power Connector X 2
  • FDD 4 Pin Connector X 1

In terms of technical features, these power supplies have both two +12V rails, but the intensity is different. Below is a table with the two versions:




For protection against surges and short circuits systems, they are equipped with the Over-Voltage Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Under-Voltage Protection, Over-Power Protection. Cooling is provided by a white fan with a diameter of 120 mm. This type is “PWM” Unfortunately, the brand does not say anything about its speed and much less its noise. For now, Zalman did not specify the date of availability, or even price. This last point alone can justify the interest of these two blocks. Remember, until we have more information about this, we know that the warranty is three years.

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