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Zalman FX100-Cube: Huge fanless cooler

Is it possible to innovate in the CPU cooling field? viewing  the next Zalman cooler, the answer seems positive. With its CNPS FX100-Cube, the manufacturer wants to surprise.

Zalman is about to launch a new benchmark in the coolers market with the CNPS-FX100 Cube. This system includes a part of the architecture of a classic cooler with a base that dissipates  its heat via the heat pipes.

But the comparison stops here because we do not have to deal with a tower design with multiple fins but a cube whose vertical sides present themselves, in part, as a radiator. The unit is surmounted by a honeycomb grid design with a LED backlight. The best is that, this is a fanless system, so completely silent, as we wish on an HTPC.


At the moment we have no technical information such as the heat dissipation performance, size or weight. According to Fanlesstech the launch would take place on January 6th.

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