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You may speed up your Windows 7 boot

For those who have the Windows 7 Media center, this is a great tip. This is especially true if you own a multi-core processor. Microsoft in fact, through its operating system, must meet the needs of the majority, this result on proposing some settings values as low as possible, imagining an end user that have a single core processor, for example.

By digging a bit in the MSCONFIG (BOOT Advanced Options), you can increase the number of processors requested during boot and also set the maximum memory option, depending on the RAM present in your config.

With this you  gain a few seconds on the startup, no doubt.

1 Comment

  1. zhir says:

    No doubt, did you say? Did you actually measure the improvement?
    These settings are meant to artificially LIMIT the maximum number of CPUs and RAM used during the winNT boot process. By default, all of them were used. This is old news. In any case, don’t forget that part of the boot process is not multithreadable.

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