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Yamaha Aventage RX-Vx73: new 2012 range of amplifiers

Here is finlly the first information on new Yamaha Home Cinema Amplifier for 2012, while they should no longer delay to be fully presented soon. The Yamaha Aventage RX-Vx73 series, which will consist of five models that comes with beautiful news this year, like the arrival of the 4K…

The Yamaha Aventage RX-Vx73 series will be first with a 4K2K pass-through compatibility, but especially the 4K upscaling. Networking features are also present, as WiFi compatibility. But note another interesting development especially on the new Aventage range and which is the compatibility of some models with AirPlay wireless streaming audio.

Between the new Yamaha Aventage RX-Vx73 range, the are new Home Theater packs, speakers, and probably even more news. Yamaha promises many surprises this year…

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