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Xtreamer Ultra Review

What Xtreamer have done with the Ultra is to offer a nettop type mini-computer with a layer of software adapted for multimedia playback. This souped up HTPC with its Atom processor and 4 GB of RAM comes with a Linux OS that has been reworked by Xtreamer to provide XBMC or Boxee straight to the user. A great idea!


Excellent multimedia compatibility

Choice of interfaces: XBMC, Boxee…

Linux system preconfigured

Two remotes, one of which has a mini-keyboard


Newbies will struggle with the Ultra, some of its configuration is very complex

Low-end remotes

The design won’t be to everyone’s taste


Democratising the mini-computer concept is a very worthwhile idea. The possibilities are practically infinite and the pre-configured interfaces really very successful. Nevertheless, there’s still some way to go before this solution becomes accessible to mere mortals. Experienced users who don’t mind spending a bit of time on set-up will however find that the Ultra has plenty of appeal.

You may check out the Xtreamer Ultra FAQ.

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