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Xtreamer Ultra FAQ

Xtreamer Ultra’s FAQ – Some More Answers

Does the Xtreamer Ultra has an Internal HDD Slot ?
Yes. The Xtreamer Ultra supports internal 2.5″ HDD to any capacity/size. Ofcourse you can add external storage too. Like with eSata or USB ports.
Why you don’t include inside the Xtreamer Ultra Box also an internal HDD ?
There are several reasons :
  1. Tax. Once a HDD inside you need to pay higher tax as regulated by the European Union Directives
  2. We are based in Asia. Sending you a device with internal HDD will mean high chances of damage to the HDD on the shipping
  3. HDD prices in your country are probably lower.
  4. You can select the type / capacity of HDD you want
  5. If we add HDD to the box from factor, your shipping costs will be also higher due to the extra weight and insurance costs which are value reltaed.
  6. We wanted rather you to have a local warranty to your HDD which you will purchase separately. it is much better than getting an international warranty for HDD.
What Firmware the Xtreamer ultra run ? Is it the same as the other Xtreamer models ?
The xtreamer ultra is a PC. As such it is not running a Firmware. As A PC it can run many operating systems of your choice such as windows or linux like we supply.
Can the Xtreamer Ultra play MKV files ?
The Xtreamer Ultra is a PC. Any PC application that can play MKV file or actually any other file type you might have in mind is also can be installed and run on your Xtreamer Ultra. We provide the device with a special Linux version of Ubuntu we compiled and made all the hard work for you so probably you will not have to install much. If you select to install windows, you should install the relevant application to play your file of choice.
What Operating System you provide with the Xtreamer Ultra ?
The Xtreamer Ultra comes with a USB Stick . On this USB Stick we installed a Linux Ubuntu version we designed and precompiled to work with the device . It includes :
  1. Boxee with many addons and tweaks installed.
  2. XBMC with many addons and plugins pre-configured
  3. Skype, Firefox and Instant messaging client as well as Open Office amongst many others.
The linux version we will provide as part of the machine is nothing you ever saw before. In many aspects it is very similar to the experience you will get if you have bought an Apple MAC. It will work just fine right out of the box. We assume not many of you will even consider moving to windows for HD playback. Just in case you really want to work in windows Environment.
Does the Xtreamer Ultra Support Windows ?
The device does not come from factor with Pre-installed internal HDD. Therefore it is not including inside a working version of Windows operating system . Adding windows license to the device would have resulted in the cost of the device to be around 50 euro higher .We also cannot make sure which version of windows each user prefer. There are many. the Microsoft windows 7 ultimate edition for example is sold by Microsoft for around 100 euro license.
We provide the device with all the windows drivers. so when you decide to install inside the device a HDD 2.5″ of your choice, you will be able to easily install the windows if you prefer it .
In the same time we designed the product to work out of the box with a linux based operating system.
How the Operating System of the Ultra actually works ?
The linux version we made specially for the Xtreamer Ultra hardware is stored on the disk on key USB stick we provide together inside the box.
The machine will be able to run if you insert the BOOT USB into one of the USB slots in the machine and turn the Ultra ON.
Once the device is turned On you will see very nice selection boot screen that will let you select your desired destination. If you will install a HDD and install windows you will be able to select windows from the same screen.
We will publish soon very big announcement of the Xtreamer BOOT OS with all the relevant screenshots and video.
How Do I install Windows 7 on the Xtreamer Ultra ?
To install windows in xtreamer ultra you will have 2 options how do it.
  1. CD ROM version
  2. Copy a windows ISO image file to the USB boot OS.
If you select to install from a CD rom you will need a CD ROM/DVD ROM USB external to be connected to the xtreamer ultra. This is something you will need to buy separately.
Why did you select booting from a USB ?
The result of booting / installing from USB Boot drive is that boot time / installation time is much faster.
Will the USB Boot OS will be clever enough to store my settings ?
Yes. Any changes you will make to the system OS run from the boot USB OS will be saved. It is not a “live CD” version of ubuntu to XBMC . It is rather more sophisticated mechanism we apply.
Will I be able to erase the contents of the USB Stick ?
Yes. And you will be able to download an image of it from our website as well .
Will there be any firmware updates to the device ?
No. The Device is a PC. We simply cannot release or even track changes of the so many applications inside the Boot OS . All of which are constantly updated by the open source community. You will be able to update any of the applications by following this forum, which we are sure this community will be able to provide custom updates for the various applications in the future. The Xtreamer Ultra is a PC. Dell, Asus nor MSI or Acer provide updates to every application updated in linux nor can we.
What is the difference of xtreamer ultra to any other nettop sold in the market ?
While all other manufacturer “trained” you to suspect a PC HardWare with the long troubling process of setup, configuration to get you going with a HTPC we try take this headache away. We try to do things different. The machine will work out of the box.
The Xtreamer Ultra is about choices and freedom. You can install and run whatever that suits your needs. You are free to try everything and make a decision. Our Boot operating system stored on the device is a suggestion / recommendation. If you don’t like it, ignore it and install windows 7 or anything else you want. And configure it to work yourself with your own ability.
What the special Offer means ?
The special offer is going to be made available until 30th of april. Until this time any one that will place an order in our online official shop will receive the xtreamer ultra with all the accessories and even an upgrade to 16 Gb usb Stick + 802.11n USB Wifi Antenna.
  1. Mini Wireless Keyboard & mouse
  2. 16 GB USB Stick with Boot OS
  3. MCE Remote Control
  4. HDMI 1.4a cable
  5. Wireless USB 802.11n

And what will happen after the special offer will end ?
The Xtreamer ultra will no longer be supplied with 16 GB usb Stick but rather only 8Gb. And it will no longer be supplied with 802.11n USB Wifi Antenna.
The Box one the special limited time offer will end will include:
  1. Mini Wireless Keyboard & mouse
  2. 8 GB USB Stick with Boot OS
  3. MCE Remote Control
  4. HDMI 1.4a cable
If I place an order when will I be charged?
If you place an order for xtreamer ultra you will be charged immediately.
This is the essence of Pre-Order. You safeguard yourself the special offer, we can better estimate quantity for production.
Do you offer this item in Europe or at any of your partners worldwide ?
No. None of our partners will be able to sell you the device before the special offer will end.
Once they will start sell the price is expected to include your local VAT added to the price very much the same was as you will be required to pay if you place the order at the official shop . The difference is that the price in our official shop does not include the margin of profit our partners also requires in order to maintain their business.
We made the special offer for you . The End Customer.
How Can I avoid Taxes I might need to pay for the Xtreamer Ultra ?
Our system is ex-vat system.
When the parcel will arrive to your country, your government will ask you to pay taxes. Probably only VAT. In most countries around the world no Cutom duties applies to PC.
In order to avoid VAT, please place an order in our system with your company name and billing address. We will regard the company as our client.
So the VAT claim from your government will be paid by the company. In the following month the company will be able to claim back the VAT.
In the same time the xtreamer ultra will be regarded as a company property as PC.
You placed an order and the status is “Awaiting fulfillment” is it ok ?
Yes. It means we accepted your order and we will process it for shipping on the beginning of may 2011
How you serve your clients with the Pre-Orders ?
We serve clients on the basis of first to order first to be served.
Where do you Ship ?
Any Country in the world except Iran, Libya, North Korea, Lebanon, Syria  Venezuela. In some countries we will contact you if required to pay additional charges for shipments. Some people can live in very remote islands in the pacific 😉
Where are you shipping from ?
We ship the xtreamer ultra from Hong Kong via DHL. Once your order will be ready to be shipped, we will change the order status and will supply you #tracking number.
When Will be official reviews of the Xtreamer Ultra ?
We are now in the process of mass production. No one will get the device before the pre-order time. The review which will be made all over the world by various publishers will probably be made once the pre-order time will be over.
How can I know your Xtreamer ultra is good enough for my needs?
You are more than welcome to perform a research on the internet on any other ION2 or Intel Atom D525 based machine. Whatever these machines can do the xtreamer ultra can do just as well. Please understand we took special care for this project of the xtreamer ultra, we cannot fail it. So you can reasonably expect a very solid product.
Does the Xtreamer ultra supports Netflix ?
The Xtreamer Ultra is a PC. If you can run / install Netfix on your PC you can do it also on the Xtreamer ultra. We don’t provide the software . Just the machine to do it . The same answer applies to any other application you might have in mind.
How the Nvidia 3D technology works.
Nvidia 3D technology is currently running only in windows environment. This is nVidia software and they make the decision where they want to it work. In order to make it work you will need to install a HDD and install windows. Once you have done that you will be able to install the nVidia 3DTV play software and enjoy it. It will not work on our linux environment we made in the BOOT OS USB Stick.
Boxee and XBMC are open source projects and therefore we are not sure if they support this technology and how.
nVidia officialy announced that Cyberlink PowerDVD ultimate edition supported in windows to play their 3D technology with 3D Bluray.
We provides a Trial Demo for 14 days of Cyberlink PowerDVD (which you can also download free from their website).
How the AIWI motion gaming technology works.
AIWI technology is currently running only in windows environment. This is AIWI software and they make the decision where they want to it work. In order to make it work you will need to install a HDD and install windows. Once you have done that you will be able to install the AiWi software and enjoy it.It will not work on our linux environment we made in the BOOT OS USB Stick.
How the CamTrax motion technology works.
CamTrax technology is currently running only in windows environment. This is CamTrax software and they make the decision where they want to it work. In order to make it work you will need to install a HDD and install windows. Once you have done that you will be able to install the Camtrax software and enjoy it. It will not work on our linux environment we made in the BOOT OS USB Stick.
How about 7.1ch Audio Support for bit-streaming ?
This is a software related issue not a HW. We supply the HW. The PC device. Codecs/formats are related to environment and application they run under . The device is equipped with ALC892 sound chip on board. It can support 7.1 channels. The Current Linux build we supply will support 5.1Ch. In windows it depends on the software you use.
Will the Xtreamer Ultra be able to support Hackintosh .
Some birds hinted us that the xtreamer ultra can run latest Hackintosh iTakos 7 with both QE and CI and full HDMI support. We cannot officialy confirm nor we intend to support it officialy in our forums.
Why you don’t sell the Xtreamer Ultra without the accessories so we can get it in cheaper price.
We want to make sure the users are getting some minimal experience to maximize the potential usage of the device. In the same time we want our community to speak in the same “language” in terms of 1 set of HW. Imagine the chaos that the community and us will have to go through while each of you will install different remote control or different wireless keyboard. We think it is very clear from the so many links we provided in the launch page ( that we don’t make any profit on the accessories. We rather saved you the profit margin of the resellers.
Why you advertised the price of the Ultra for 200 Euro and now it is higher ?
We never published 200 euro. The price or confusion is probably originated to the deals facebook platform . It was the price we wanted to achieve for a barebone machine with no accessories. We added the essential accessories to the box eventually . When we announced initially the device was not suppose to have an HDMI 1.4a nor it was 3D capable. We added those as well as the licenses for the motion gaming and the Camera detection technologies. In the same time we suffered like any other vendor of PC market from a rapid increase of prices of components due to the shortage happened as a result of the Japan disaster. In the same time we were reported by all our retailers and partners that they cannot sell the device for 200 euro as this price will simply kill their business. They informed us that the price will be regulated and adjusted to a higher price that will ensure they will be able to sell their current stock of other device and in the same time they will safeguard some margin. We had to respect them.
Tou can check the full specs here: Xtreamer Ultra Specs.

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  1. JDMils says:

    I own the Xtreamer Sidewinder and love the product. It plays every thing I throw at it and without issues.

    As the Ultra is a PC-in-a-small-box, it should be able to play everything and anything plus allow me to do everything I currently do on my home PC. And all this on my big screen TV!

    My order’s in the system and I hope it arrives very soon!

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