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Xtreamer SideWinder 3 Review

The SideWinder 3 is one of the manufacturer’s first Blu-ray 3D-compatible media centres. But this is not its only selling point: it also activate Android 2.3 (as an option) and manages the video via its integrated jukebox. An ultra-complete, but is it so prodigious? It’s all about perspective…

The SideWinder is made of thick metal and quality plastic. There’s no display on the facade, but there is a hard drive rack. The rack is easy remove, although you need 4 screws to attach a hard drive. There’s no fan, which virtually guarantees low noise levels.

The remote control is the same that comes with a number of other Xtreamer media centres (SideWinder 2, iXtreamer, etc.). And we found all the same weaknesses with the remote: a fragile build and no backlighting for the buttons (although they are phosphorescent).


Full multimedia compatibility

3D compatibility

Tons of connectivity

Movie JukeBox


Cursory Android presence & no Google Play

JukeBox for movies only

Slow network transfers


The Xtreamer SideWinder 3 is a good media center with a full range of functionality. But we still have to say that certain features could have been further developed (the jukebox) and the network transfers could be beefed up.

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