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Xtreamer SideWinder 2 Review

The Xtreamer SideWinder 2 is based on the same  principles as the first SideWinder,  namely it aims to be  both financially accessible and offer extensive  functionality. There’s a  new interface, built-in wi-fi, an SDHC card  reader and faster processor.  Will this be enough to impress us?


Excellent media compatibility


Nice interface


Too slow, it sometimes takes five seconds for the device to respond!

Too many bugs: it crashes far too often

Third party applications now outdated

Entry level remote with redundant buttons

Poor network speeds, both wired and wireless


This media centre was put on the market before it was ready. The manufacturer should have perfected the internal software first. We’ll check in on it again in a few months when the firmware has been updated a few times, but for the time being we can only tell you not to get it!

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