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Xigmatek Praeton LD964: A 45mm high Cooler for HTPC

It Is  expected Xigmatekto to announce soon the low profile CPU cooler Praeton LD964. This model is primarily designed for small configurations or living room computers, for example.

Indeed, its size is very compact since it measures just 104x93x45 mm. As for his weight, it is 450 grams, which is average considering its size.

The heatsink consists of several aluminum fins. The base is thick enough of the same material. The unit is supported by the presence of four copper heat pipes of 6 mm. They use HDT technology that connects the processor and heat pipes.

As for the fan it is a model of 90 mm ​​with a thickness of only 15 mm. It’s a PWM type and works between 1000 and 2800 rpm. The manufacturer mentions a noise of 22 dB (A) and an airflow of 23 CFM, all in 12 V. For the users who want to control its speed, you should know that the starting voltage of the fan is 7 V. This model is compatible with two Intel sockets, the  LGA 1155 and 1156. AMD sockets AM2 (+), AM3 (+) and FM1 are also supported.

For now, Xigmatek did not mention any price or even a release date. We will try to find out more in the coming days and we will update this news.

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