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Xbox One, your new Media Center?

On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled its new console: the Xbox One. But the Redmond company has not released a console, but a Media Center. Very few games have pointed the tip of their nose at the conference, Microsoft is focused on media and social aspect of machine. A good strategy?


At the conference, we heard much the “media” and “TV” words. Xbox One is indeed a true multimedia center especially designed for the American market. TV is omnipresent, it is possible to, very quickly, move from one app to another, follow live sports, to make a call on Skype, to rent movie…

But the Xbox One might have more than one card up its sleeve in the European market, including through possible partnerships with operators/ISP or different leagues for sports scores. But is it enough to convince you?

The Xbox One scares, it is a fact. Apart from the obligation to be regularly connected, the restriction on used games, the Kinect’s alleged spying… But Microsoft could backtrack on some aspects to until they finally offer the ideal subject for the show.

Will you be ready to replace your internet box for Xbox One? If we set aside all that is video games, you prefer the media center approach of the One or the social aspect of the PS4? Summarized in one question: are you ready to buy a Xbox One?

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  1. athrtfiegbwaterad says:

    I want to get one xbox to play games

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