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Xbox 720: Microsoft Prepares Two Versions of the New Console

Certainly, after the SCEE confidences about the PS4, it was the turn of the next Xbox to re talking about it. Even if we are only at the rumor stage, it appears that Microsoft offers two models of Xbox 720, but with differences in size for each…

Microsoft with the release of its Xbox 360 console, launched two models, one with hard drive and one without, with a price of course a little more accessible. If, at the beginning, no problems were particularly visible, gradually some game publishers went in the direction of Microsoft, making it more or less mandatory the purchase of a hard drive for the Xbox 360 Arcade (the recent Battlefield 3 is the perfect example).

As for the Xbox 720 (codenamed Xbox Ten/Xbox Loop), it seems that Microsoft wants to renew the operation, but this time pushing the concept much further. The first version would be a machine “low cost” TV decoder type with emphasis on the highly lucrative VOD marketplace, as well as access to the Kinect gaming portal for casual games.

While the second version of the Xbox 720 would be much more like a real game console, with an optical drive (probably Blu-ray/Blu-ray 3D), a hard drive and backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. But for a bill of course a little more robust.

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