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XBMC Remote for iPhone Review

XBMC has functionality to allow itself to be controlled by a multitude of options including smartphones. XBMC Remote for iPhone by collect3 is the undisputed champ when it comes to controlling your XBMC using your iPhone or iPod Touch. I personally use it when I don’t forget my iPod touch in my car.

Key Features    


XBMC Remote for iPhone is packed with features allowing full control of XBMC without ever looking at your HDTV.

  • Play, queue and shuffle the media on XBMC
  • View cover art for music, TV Shows and movies while navigating
  • Customizable ‘Button’ remote mode
  • ‘Gesture’ remote mode
  • Music library mode
  • TV show library mode
  • Movie library mode
  • File browser mode

Screenshots of a few features:



Unlike other remote control apps that appear to be designed by a 5th grader, XBMC Remote for iPhone is a polished, professional looking product. With a splash of your media library’s cover art here and there, overall, it rests heavily on the standard iPhone OS interface that iPhone users and wannabes users love. The only design element that I would like to see changed is the button remote control. It is extremely usable but rather plain.

Ease of Use    


Using XBMC Remote for iPhone is as simple as any iPhone application. It supports your standard swipe and press finger gestures. The layout has your standard Settings and Now Playing buttons at the top and access to your media libraries as “tabs” at the bottom. If you can use your iPhone you can use XBMC Remote for iPhone with no problem. In fact I can start a video in half as much time on my iPod Touch than I can with my Logitech MediaBoard Pro keyboard.



There is a 1-2 second “Loading” when navigating from screen to screen each time you reopen the app. Once the app caches cover art and data, switching between screens is extremely responsive. Remote gestures, button commands and media playback are instantaneous which gives the all-important feeling of holding a real remote control.

As long as your iPhone or iPod Touch isn’t having WiFi issues the remote application works great.



While some are outraged and for some strange reason feel downright cheated at the $3.99 price tag. I feel XBMC Remote for iPhone is worth every penny. It’s the best XBMC remote app in the App Store so naturally it should cost a bit more. Considering I’ve owned this app for about two years, I think I got more than my money’s worth compared to buying a hardware keyboard.

Final Thoughts    


Not only is this the best remote available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s also one of my favorite XBMC remotes for any smartphone. Its features allow you to do pretty much anything you want with XBMC without even being right in front of the TV.. Something a regular remote will have a pretty hard time doing.


  • Sleek, responsive interface that iPhone apps are known for
  • Customizable remote
  • Library modes
  • Cover art for music, movies and TV shows


  • It’s not free..?

If you are an iPhone or iPod Touch owner XBMC Remote for iPhone is a must-have (or should-have). Again, the price is $3.99 US. Head over to the Apple App Store to get XBMC Remote for iPhone.


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