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XBMC Eden: The First Beta Preview

The XBMC Development Team has just finished the look and feel of the next XBMC, code named Eden. Next step, changes in the architecture and integration of new features: PVR support bitstream? Who knows!

We know a little more about the new implementation of XBMC Eden. Without going into details, this is what has already been unveiled at the site of XBMC.

  • A new “Files” view in the video library in order to remove the notion of Library Mode vs. Files Mode that confused so many new users.
  • The default skin changed to a horizontal layout allowing for more useful information to be displayed on the home screen (vertical version is still available in Add-ons)
  • Efficiency improvements to reduce high cpu/gpu usage
  • Much improved touchscreen support to go along with the first major versioned XBMC release for the iOS (iPad, iPhone, AppleTv2)
  • Ability to customize the home screen by adding your favorite Add-ons
  • The usual smattering of visual improvements, playback improvements, new ways to stream and discover media.. the list goes on.

We look forward that the first beta will be aware of graphical improvements, and test the new features that we hope will show the PVR management improvement, the HD audio bitstream, etc..

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