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XBMC Dharma 10.0 Released

xbmc grooveshark add on

The hard working devs behind XBMC are proud to announce that XBMC 10.0 is finally ready and available to the public. The major update now provides the ability for users to find new themes/skins, plugins/add-ons, and scrappers directly through the application itself — previously users had to scour XBMC’s forums to find such enhancements. In fact, XBMC 10.0 now comes bundled with 11 different themes to choose from. In addition, the XBMC team has added support for the Web’s new WebM/VP8 codec and beefed up graphics support, with hardware acceleration, for DXVA2, Crystal HD, OpenMAX (supported by Tegra 2), NEON (for ARM SoC processors) VDPAU, and VAAPI. The improvements affect Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. The guys have even thrown in support for ARM and 64-bit processors! Amazing stuff. A full list of features/changes/improvements can be found here. Remember… XBMC also offers up a Live CD if you’re interested in taking XBMC for a spin on your PC without having to install a thing. However, if you do find XBMC worthwhile, the Live CD includes an installer that can turn your system into a dedicated XBMC machine similar in setup to the Boxee Box the you can control with an off-the-shelf Windows Media Center remote. [via]

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