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XBMC and a Zotac ZBOX

Just a few ideas I had lately.  I had recently heard there was now a stand alone version of XBMC (no longer X-BOX Media Center) that could be ran and installed from it’s own CD and also I wanted to check out the latest version of XBMC just to see how it has come along.  I’m still amazed at how well XMBC handles cover art and movie ID tags and with so many aftermarket skins you can make it look anyway you wish.  This also got me thinking.  How cool would it be to build a cheap, small, low power HTPC to run XBMC (or something similar) on your HDTV?  Like I said, just a thought.  I’m not saying I’m going to build one for sure and I might even have a spare PC lying around to use for free but I also though you guys should check it out too.

I saw these Zotac ZBoxes last year and noticed at CES (I kept saying E3 in the video, I meant CES!) they’re coming out with a new AMD E-450 version.  I don’t think they’re quite out on the market yet, and I haven’t seen any sites selling them to get the price.  But if the version with no HDD (2.5″ SATA) and RAM (DDR3 SO-DIMM) turns out to be as cheap as I’m thinking it might be it will be tempting!  Heck you can even strap it on the back of an LCD monitor and make a cheap, low power, all-in-one that’s ready to go with Wifi and Bluetooth!  The AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD 4310 Graphics should be powerful enough to play any 1080p FullHD content and it’s small enough to fit anywhere!

Like I said…  it’s just an idea!

Check out XBMC for yourself.

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