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XBMC Addons: Give XBMC a Boost

In its latest update, much-beloved media centre application XBMC added one-click add-on installation, bringing browser-like extensions to your media centre. If you’ve ever wanted to incorporate watching TV, listening to podcasts, or playing video games to your XBMC box, the new add-on system is incredibly easy to use, and can power your box up to do all sorts of things. Here’s how it works, and a few of our favourite XBMC add-ons.

Before XBMC 10.10 Dharma, installing add-ons was kind of a pain. You had to download an archive, unzip it in the right place on your XBMC machine’s hard drive, possibly edit some configuration files, and hope everything worked correctly. Now, XBMC has a built-in add-on manager that lets you browse, download, and install add-ons with just a few clicks of your remote. If you’ve avoided XBMC add-ons in the past, you’ll want to take another look, because you can add some pretty awesome features to your home theatre PC with minimal effort. Here’s how to install add-ons with the new system, along with a list of our favourites to get you started. (If you just want to see what kind of cool features you can get with XBMC add-ons, jump down to the Our Favourite Add-ons section.

In this lifehacker’s tutorial they will focus the following subjects:

  • Downloading and Installing Add-Ons
  • Adding New Add-On Repositories to XBMC
  • Our Favourite Add-Ons
    • Content Channels
    • Scrapers
    • GrooveShark
    • Multiroom Audio
    • AudioPodcatcher
    • TVTunes
    • uTorrent/Transmission/SABnzbd
    • Advanced Launcher
    • XBMC Library Auto Update
    • XBMC File Cleaner
    • Skins

Check out the full tutorial at

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