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XBMC 12 Frodo: final version available

Frodo, the version 12 of the XBMC media center is available in its final version with, among others, HD audio support and DVR functionality.

In version 12, the media player can display a live TV stream and has digital recording features. This means that it will be possible for example to pause a live broadcast and enable time shifting via a caching mechanism.


Also a translation system provided by Transifex, XBMC has a new audio engine which supports the Dolby TrueHD and the DTS-MA codecs. Note also that the player is compatible with Hi10P, the 10-bit profile of the H.264 codec used in some cartoons.

Like Linux, this version is now compatible with 64-bit on OS X and has a label system  that the user can affix to sort the movie library. Also note the UPnP support and the AirPlay was improved. Finally Frodo can now be installed on the Raspberry Pi and the Android platform, through partnership with Pivos Technology.

On this page a complete list of new features.

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