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XBMC 10 Demo

Here is a video of my Home Theater PC. Its running windows 7 64 bit ultimate, core2duo @ 3.0 ghz, etc etc.. i just wanted to show how powerful this is.. I started using XBMC with linux a few years back, and it just grew on me.. I really hope this inspires some other nerds out there to make their own media. center.


  1. anon says:

    Hm. I deleted my config and tried the latest version, and everything works! Please can you delete my comment thanks 🙂

  2. anon says:

    I tried XBMC but I found a few things that I didn’t like.

    I added my music collection to XBMC as a samba share, and switched to Library mode from the Music menu. Tag reading was enabled, but the Album names never showed up. The Artist menu worked fine.

    I tried jumping to an Artist by typing the Artist name but XBMC doesn’t seem to support that.

    I then tried searching through my music, but the search doesn’t seem very powerful. Maybe there’s a way to search from every screen, or customise the search to look through all fields.

    Anyway, thanks for the video!

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