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Winstars Technology Wireless HDMI Kit

Thanko is now offering Winstars Technology’s Wireless 5G HD AV Kit, a new Wireless HDMI Kit in Japan.

This new Kit will let you stream 1080/30/60p video from one point to another (30m max) without the needs of any cables.

If you are interested, you can purchase the Winstars Technology Wireless HDMI Kit for 26,800 Yen or around $328.

Winstars Technology Wireless HDMI Kit Features:

  1. Instant wireless HD AV transmission
  2. Transmission range in the vacancy indoor environment 30m
  3. Supports OSD display
  4. Supports the EDID function
  5. Supports the HDMI® video interface at the maximum of 1,080P 60Hz
  6. Supports HDMI® and HDCP 1.2 protocols
  7. Supports the CEC function (for the receiving and display devices)
  8. Supports the IR extension transmission function
  9. Transmission power 12dB
  10. Supports the point-to-point transmission function currently which can be expanded to the point to multi-point or multi-point to multi-point transmission function
  11. Supports the AES 128-bit image encryption function
  12. Supports the reverse back-transmission channel at the maximum rate of 100kbs


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