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Windows Phone 7 Virtual Remote App

In our opinions, the Windows Phone 7 platform is under appreciated for games, apps, media and more. We’re going to rectify this grave injustice one app at a time through our new WinPhone App of the Week column.

This week’s app is Virtual Remote’s Media Control. This $2.99 app is perfect for HTPC owners because it allows you to control and operate Windows Media Center, iTunes, Windows Media Player, and VLC via your WiFi network.

You’ll need to download a small Virtual Remote desktop client for your PC to enable the service. Once you do that, connecting to your PC is extremely easy. You can launch your media player, operate all basic media controls, including shuttle controls, volume, and mute. You can even browse media in full screen mode from the app’s straightforward interface.

Download it now for your WinPhone by clicking here. You’ll be couch surfing in no time.
For more info, click here. The company also makes a similar app called Presenter that allows you to wield full-fledged remote control over Power Point presentations on a host PC.



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