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Windows Media Center Controller for HD Home Sports Bar

This is a demo of the application I wrote that wraps Windows Media Center TCP / IP Controller and Girder into a simple web-based controller for my home media center.

We can use it on any device on our network and can control all 4 TVs in our living room from one simple application.

Our HTPC is a 4 CPU 8GB of RAM Windows 7 Media Center PC with:

1 Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuner
1 HD HomeRun Tuner
1 ATI HDTV Wonder OTA tuner.

We have a total of 6 extenders:

2 Xbox 360’s
3 Linksys DMA 2100
1 Linksys DMA 2200

spread throughout the house to enjoy the system.

The best part was being able to eliminate the $40 a month we were paying Verizon for the FIOS HD tuner boxes!

More info and plans to build your own HD HomeSportsBar at

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