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Windows 8: the Beta is Coming with Signs of Media Center. Launch in January?

In mid-September, Microsoft has officially launched its next major operating system, Windows 8. Many changes in the interface caused just as many questions and Microsoft has been using his blog to detail gradually every important point. Among the questions which still remain alive, we find two special ones: the arrival of the beta, and the presence of the Media Center.

A Media Center so far away

Windows Media Center is a system component often appreciated. Appeared first as a special edition of Windows XP, it was sold with specific machines. A little later, we could find an OEM version sold by some online stores. It is really with the Vista Media Center has become an integral component. Since then, and always under Windows 7, it is an element of the Home Premium.

When Microsoft has made the first Windows 8 Developer Preview available, many have quickly noticed the lacking of many elements in the system. Among these precisely, the Media Center, totally absent. Speakers at the BUILD conference had indicated here that this gap should not be taken for granted and that the feature would return later, probably for the public beta.

Sign of the return in a recent leak

But since the Developer Preview, the work continued and other recent builds have been compiled. Although these versions are never public, Microsoft can not prevent leaks and some users are able to obtain copies. This is especially true of the labeled  build 8141.0.winmain.111021 found in the MDL forums.

A user (canouna) stated that have it installed and remarked it was much more complete.

Although the shortcut is now present, he explained a little further, however, that the Media Center for Windows 8 is currently the version 7. Yet there is very likely that it is completely revised since the style of this feature does not correspond to the one Microsoft gives the system via the Metro interface language.

The beta in January during CES in Las Vegas?

In addition, canouna indicates that the system is more comprehensive and has included a more important number of options and parameters. For example, many testers wondered if the green background that we can see in the Start Screen could be changed, and the answer is yes. It indicates that this build 8141, in spite of being recent, have fewer choices than in the older builds of the 802X series.

Currently, several rumors indicate that the official launch of the beta could be done during the CES in Las Vegas next January. Since the Developer Preview, this beta has already been confirmed as Public. The big difference, moreover, with the pre-release, is that it will be “full featured”, it will have all the features of the final version. Of course, the functions themselves are not finalized.

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