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Wi-Fi Direct: new wireless standard dismisses the router

After the TVs with integrated Wi-Fi (which dispenses accessories for connecting to wireless networks), the novelty in the TV market is the Wi-Fi Direct communication (or only Wi-Di). This characteristic, which is already on Blu-ray players, laptops, smartphones and integrated systems for home theater (of course we are talking of more sophisticated models) should also reach the line of 2012 TVs from leading manufacturers.

Available in the ​​television market area since last year, only now this connectivity option is beginning to be better exploited by brands like Samsung, LG and Sony. Its main difference from conventional Wi-Fi is that those require an access point: two Wi-Fi Direct certified devices can communicate directly without the router, for example, and in any environment.

Another advantage lies in the speed data transfer, which can be 20 times higher than Bluetooth. To better understand how the pattern works, follow the following animation.

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