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Wi-ECS bridge: wireless video transmission from a PC or a tablet

ECS has announced the Wi-bridge, a box that allows the high definition video broadcasting via Wi-Fi, either from a PC, a tablet or a iOS or Android smartphone. A more open concept that what WiDi or Intel Wireless Display should be.

The case itself includes an HDMI 1.3 and USB 2.0 port to connect a keyboard or mouse. Inside, there is a Wi-Fi 802.11n module, 256 MB RAM as well as 256 MB flash. The manufacturer does not indicate the goal of this memory, but it is assumed that it is used to store a mini operating system.

ECS announces that its device is compatible with all Windows since XP. As for mobile devices, you must have an Android 2.2 (Froyo) or iOS 4.0 at least. ECS does not specify if it have a specific application for sharing images, music or video. For now, neither the manufacturer announces price or availability date for its Wi-bridge device.

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