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Why You Will Need to Buy a New A/V Receiver

The appetite for high-definition TV shows and movies from streaming services had led to the adoption of new technologies. These technologies are not only driven by technical requirements but also by marketing and financial ones. Unlike its physical media counterparts such as DVDs and Blu-rays, however, video streaming cannot depend on a reliable and consistent amount of bandwidth to deliver the full potential of high-quality audio and video.

To best simulate the theater experience, two new audio codecs–Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio–were developed to accurately reproduce a film’s soundtrack. Both are bandwidth intensive. A Dolby TrueHD soundtrack can pump out as much as 18 megabits per second. The typical high-speed Internet connection for the home is about 5 MBps. Well-suited for Blu-ray, it is not good for streaming movies over the Internet. Both for this scenario and for the coming of digital broadcast TV, Dolby developed a new codec known as Dolby Digital Plus.

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