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Which is the best software to your HTPC?


Don’t Forget…  

Your Hardware is only as good as your software. 




What I want WMC MythTV SageTV BeyondTV
Live TV Best Better Better Better
Menu Style Best Bad Bad Bad
Tuner support Best Better Best Good
Online Media integration Good Good Good None
Any Codec No Yes System System
Super stability With minimal plugins If you hardware is supported Yes N/A
Place shifting Not yet Flash via Web Software Web interface
Netflix Yes No No No
Hulu Plugin Plugin No No
YouTube Plugin? Plugin Yes No
Other Web Service Plugin Plugin Yes (hack?) No
Cost OS Free (+$20/yr for schedule info) $100 + addons $100
Plugins Sorta Yes Yes No
Master/Slave Hardware Extenders only Hardware or Software Hardware or Software Software (BeyondTV Link)



What I want XBMC Boxee Media Portal Got All Media
Live TV HDHR Bad (MLB live games) Good Good
Menu Style Best Good Good Bad
Tuner support No No Good No
Online Media integration Good Best Bad None
Any Codec Yes Yes System Yes
Super stability Yes No No Yes
Place shifting None None None None
Netflix No Platform specific No No
Hulu Plugin Yes (If it isn’t blocked) No No
YouTube Plugin Yes No No
Other Web Service Plugin Yes No No
Cost Free Free Free Free
Plugins Yes (Python) Yes (App Box) Yes Limited
Master/Slave No No Software only No

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