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What’s the Best Sandy Bridge Motherboard?

Sandy  Bridge processors certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons when Intel  released them. Some of those metaphorical pigeons were their own loyal  customers.

Those who had bought a Socket 1156 platform must have felt like they had  received a slap round the chops, as barely 12 months after releasing the  splendid Lynnfield, Intel had produced a CPU family that redefined the standard  for performance and price.

Sandy Bridge’s release is doubly harsh as the new processor uses a different  socket, making for an expensive upgrade for anyone trying to stay up to date.

It seems odd that Intel couldn’t work the new architecture into a package that  would fit the existing LGA 1156 socket. After all, the package size is  identical, and even though the LGA 1155 socket has a different pin layout (it  isn’t just a case of having one less pin) and orientation notch layout, is the  move to a new socket really necessary?

These are the sandy bridge motherboards analysed

Asus P8P67M-Pro

ECS P67H2-A Black Extreme

Foxconn H61MX

Foxconn H67S



Sapphire Pure P67 Hydra

Zotac H67-ITX WI-FI

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