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What’s the Best Netflix Player?

A good friend of mine said he thought I owned every set-top box on the market. Well, maybe there’s one or two that the Hub doesn’t own. Given that most of these boxes have a Netflix client on them, the Hub wondered which offered the best Netflix experience? Web searching revealed the last extensive Netflix player shootout/review was in mid-2009. Then, the Hub spent many hours watching movies and TV shows to find the best Netflix player. So, without further adieu, here are the players we looked at and what we learned:

  • Apple TV Gen 2
  • PlayStation 3 Slim
  • Roku XDS
  • TiVo Series3 (same Netflix client on the TiVo Premier)
  • Wii
Yes, I know the Wii is the only standard-definition box in the group, but, given that over forty million have been sold in the Americas, it’s hard to ignore it.

We compared several aspects of the Netflix clients on these boxes: Navigation, Search, Title Interface, In Show Navigation and Remotes, Video and Sound Quality and Performance.

Read the rest of this comparasion guide at

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