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WD TV Live now supports Hauppauge TV tuners

An interesting update is available since yesterday for WD TV Live Streaming Media Player and WD TV Live Hub Media Center.

According to their release notes, the new 1.12.14 and 8.3.14 firmwares indeed provide compatibility with the Hauppauge WinTV USB TV tuners that can receive DVB-T digital TV channels directly through the WD TV Live. The majority of users who have a fairly new TV with integrated digital TV tuner will not have, however, a interest in this feature. Meanwhile, for those who still have a CRT or an old flat screen without digital TV, it may allow them to replace their additional DTT.

Western Digital announces that a list of Hauppaugne WinTV USB units compatible with WD TV Live will soon be published. This feature is also not available in all countries. More probably very soon.

Western Digital announces again than these updates provide compatibility with Windows 8. This probably relates to the Windows 8 management network shares and why not compatible with Revision 2.2 of the SMB (CIFS).

Note also better performance for the Media Library that allows faster scanning of media files stored on the USB drives.

Finally, Western Digital announces compatibility with Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 TV transmitters, adding the Japanese JSTV chain and correcting a couple of bugs.


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