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WD TV Live Hub Review

The feature-packed WD TV Live Hub is the clear all-around winner, even without its 2.5-inch, 1TB drive. But it’s not  perfect.

Let’s look at what Western Digital did right, first.  Given the choice, we’d much rather play an HD video file from local  storage than stream it across our network—especially if our network is  wireless and is being used for other tasks at the same time. Adding a  3.5-inch, 1TB hard drive to the Nixeus device will add at least $65 to  its price tag; adding a 2.5-inch drive to the Patriot device will cost  even more. The WD TV Live Hub is street-priced at just $200.


Integrated 1TB hard drive

DLNA certified

Netflix and (promised) Hulu Plus support.



Won’t pass a DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream through to HDMI

Wildly underperforming Gigabit Ethernet


WD TV Live Hub Specs

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