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vS70: Touch Control via Customizable vAutomation Interfaces

Works Anywhere on Premises over WiFi
Enjoy wireless freedom! Connecting to a vAutomation server over WiFi, the vS70™ provides fast, easy control of whole house music and video and other integrable subsystems via RS-232, TCP/IP, or IR protocols.

Fully Customizable, Editable Interfaces
Unlike traditional remotes, the interface on the vS70 is only limited by your imagination! Create custom skins, and reduce functions to simplify usage. Or, make it as powerful or specialized as you’d like. vAutomation provides you with the full toolset you need to bring your ideas to life!

Great for a bedroom, theater, bathroom, dining room…
vS70’s relative low-cost and stylish form factor makes it perfect in replacing a standard programmable remote for any room looking to add control of lights, HVAC, security, AV equipment, & more!

Factory Preconfiguration Saves Time and Hassle
When kitted together, vS70 remotes are ready to control your media server, multiroom audio system, and other VidaBox systems when kitted together! Integrators can go into the vAutomation server, custom-edit the interfaces, and continually upgrade the system!

Server-stored Interfaces for Instant Updates
Need to make a change in the programming? Long, drawn-out trips to the premises are a thing of the past. VidaBox servers include remote login, allowing programmers to make changes right from their office. Update the server’s templates, & see the remotes update instantly.

Affordably Priced, with Minimal Compromises
Like its big brother (the vPad), vS70’s touch interfaces are fully customizable, allowing you to control any device via RS-232, IP, or IR directly over WiFi! Don’t need vAutomation today? Start off with a basic vS70 for 1-way AV control w. basic automation, and upgrade later on!


vS70 Base Specifications

· Full color, 3.5″ Touchscreen
– Wide viewing angle
– Native resolution: 240×320
· Includes charging cradle
– Battery: 1,880 mA Li-Ion
– Spare batteries can be purchased/field-replaceable
· Requires vAutomation for full advertised capabilities
– Note: Not all predefined templates are included!
– 2-way Media Center feedback
– Browse music/movies by cover art
· Direct automation control (Features sans-vAutomation)
– Z-Wave devices (Lighting, HVAC, Shades, more)
– RS-232 for select devices
– Learn/blast out IR codes
– IP Camera support (limited)
– Can be upgraded to work w. vAutomation later
· Connectivity: 802.11g
· Embedded Firmware for malware-proof operation
· Server-based interface/templates delivery system
– Updates to interface are done on the server, not remote
– All changes are shown instantly w/o delays
· Dimensions: 7.5 x 3 x .75
· Weight: 8 ounces

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