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VLC 2.0: Release Candidate available for download

VideoLAN announces the temporary download availability of the VLC 2.0 Release Candidate. The opportunity to see whether changes are really up to what was expected…

The biggest change to note is at the interface level, with the integration of the playlist window in the main reading. Moreover, if the UI has been redesigned for Mac OS X, iTunes like, it is not clear for the Windows version. But for the rest, you should know, the support of Blu-ray disc is limited to non-encrypted. This means that commercial Blu-ray (with DRM), are still not natively supported.

Nevertheless, some positive changes are introduced, with the emergence of a new video engine, better  multi-core processor management, new video filters, support for subtitles finally improved, and finally the addition of new codecs . For those interested, you can download the RC directly below.

VLC-2.0.0-rc2 download


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