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Vizio XVT CinemaWide 3D TV with 21:9 is already on sale in the US

Been a long time the most demanding users complain about the black bars that appear on television when watching HD movies in their original resolution, and for these bars disappear, you need a 21:9 screen orientation, such as Vizio’s CinemaWide TVs.

The XVT Series Cinemawide TV features VIZIO’s Theater 3D technology, providing crystal clear, flicker-free 3D that delivers an immersive, cinema-quality experience. The HDTV features Smart Dimming and Ambient Light Sensing technology to deliver perfect images, and SRS StudioSound and SRS TruSurround HD sound enhancement. The Vizio XVT3D580CM comes with built-in WiFi connectivity and includes Vizio Internet Apps for access to online content, including movie/TV show streaming from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Amazon; and access to social networking sites. It has five HDMI ports and comes with a Bluetooth universal remote control with full QWERTY keyboard that lets users type, search and browse apps and content easily.

The company announced some time that these curious TVs would be available on the market in October, but this date was changed to March, and as you can see, it was necessary to wait until June to make its promise come true. Anyway, this beautiful 58-inch TV with a resolution of 2560 x 1080 is now available for American consumers who wish to invest approximately $2.800 on a LED TV with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

For now, we can not say anything about its quality, because we not had direct contact with the TV, but almost as important as its sharpness or contrast should be your ability to impress the visitors at our home.


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