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Vizio launches its Google TV set top box with games from OnLive, for just $99

Vizio was able to get ahead of brands like Logitech, Sony, LG and all those who bet on Google TV. They presented to the market its version of the set top box with Google TV for $99 (the Vizio Co-Star), which also supports OnLive technology, their streaming game platform, which aims to change the way you play games without relying on expensive consoles.

For those who still do not know, OnLive is a streaming gaming platform, not dependent on specific hardware for playing games. All you need is a good internet connection at home. The idea seems simple enough, but not quite. So much that no company had ventured to throw itself on the market in a official way. With this initiative, Vizio stands above any company is also betting on Google TV.

For example, Sony introduced its version of Google TV, the NSZ-GS7, which costs $199, but is just a set top box and nothing else. The Vizio’s modelĀ is the same magic box, with a combined/recomended hardware by OnLive, and the remote control is also used to play the games that the system offers. And all this for $100 less.

In their settings, it is worth highlighting the DLNA compatibility, support forĀ Full HD 1080p (also 720p and 1080i) video and the dedicated apps in the Google Play and web browsing with Google Chrome.

The Vizio Co-Star pre-sale starts next month, but no release date set.

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