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Vizio E3D420VX 3D LCD HDTV Review

Anyone who claims the launch of 3D has gone well is lying. While 3D may be virtually everywhere that doesn’t mean consumers have been buying, but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from trying to sell 3D at seemingly every turn. 3D HDTVs are now in their second generation (or possibly third depending on who you ask) and unlike first gen 3D displays, the second coming features a host of – wait for it – passive 3D displays. Yay. Early 3D sets were costly and required a host of specialty equipment to function properly, not to mention they introduced consumers to the world of active shutter glasses. Cumbersome and expensive, active shutter glasses became a punch line during 3D’s initial offering.

Well, that was then and this is now and many manufacturers are over active 3D and are trying to make amends with consumers by offering passive 3D displays, complete with 3D glasses, that are not only easier on the eyes but far easier on their wallets as well. Case in point: the 42-inch Vizio E Series Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV (E3D420VX) reviewed here. At $679 retail, the 42-inch E Series HDTV is one of, if not the most affordable, 3D HDTV currently available.

VIZIO E3D420VX Features:

  • 42-inch CCFL-backlit LCD HDTV with 1080p resolution, 3D video, and VIZIO internet apps
  • Immersive VIZIO Theater 3D uses lightweight, inexpensive polarized glasses (two pairs included)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with Internet Apps for access to Netflix, VUDU HD movies, Pandora Internet radio, and more
  • 120Hz refresh rate for smooth, super-sharp viewing for fast-action sports and movies
  • Playback of MP3 audio files and JPG images with full-screen slideshows via USB devices


At $679 retail the Vizio E3D420VX is a bargain among 3D HDTVs and among the first to feature passive 3D technology. The E3D420VX image both in 2D and 3D is surprisingly good, thanks in part to its copious picture controls and smooth, matte finish screen. For 3D viewing the E3D420VX is the first 3D display that I’ve been able to view an entire 3D film through without feeling the need to look away or worse vomit, which I know sounds gross but I assure you it’s the highest praise I can bestow on a display such as the E3D420VX. While the E3D420VX’s isn’t without its quirks it’s far and away a better HDTV than I was expecting and one of my new budget favorites. In fact, I’d be a fan of the E3D420VX at its asking price even if it didn’t feature 3D display capability. If you’re looking to get into the 3D game but want to bypass all the nonsense that surrounded first generation sets or are looking for a HDTV with Internet connectivity that doesn’t break the bank, then look no further than Vizio’s E3D420VX.

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