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Viako Mini Letter E-350 Hybrid WiFi Review

[REVIEW] Viako Mini Letter E-350 Hybrid WiFi

Most recently Viako send us a review sample of their ML E-350 barebone HTPC cases. Viako might not strike you as a big name in the hardware world, and globally speaking they aren’t yet. I dare say It will not take long before this Seoul based HTPC/Mini PC manufacturer will get its place in the spotlight. Quality wise this South Korean enterprise pushes the bar for ALL current competitors in this niche barebone HTPC/Mini PC market.

First impression

So many HTPC cases out there, and to be honest they all look fairly alike. This makes rating a new case VS its wide range of competitors not the easiest thing in the world. Viako’s designers were talking the minimalistic approach here (it comes in both Silver top with black bottom & back plate and a Black top with red bottom & back plate). Fist looks were ok, the black edition we received does look very sleek and the red grill cutout on the bottom front gives it a sporty edge, quite original to say the least. But all this isn’t what makes the design really shine out, the build quality is! The Viako Mini Letter E-350 Hybrid WiFi’s exterior is made of a thick, very dense 3 mm aluminum alloy. The general production quality is not what I’ve seen before with other manufacturers, 3mm combined with the fact they used aluminum alloy compared to most competitors who stick to cold rolled steel, give this little girl sure a G.I. Jane appearance. I dare say this HTPC/Mini PC is rugged enough to fit military standards.

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