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VIA opens to the community its mini PC for $49: the APC

VIA announced in late May that they want to get into the market for mini PCs like the Raspberry Pi, with the arrival of the APC. This is actually a small motherboard that embeds a Wondermedia chip of ARM 11 family, along with 512MB of DDR3 memory and 2GB of storage. With a Neo-ITX format is half the mini-ITX, the card still has full connectivity: VGA and HDMI video outputs, four USB 2, 10/100 Ethernet port and headphone and microphone jacks. Everything will run on Android and is sold at very low cost of $49.

The manufacturer seems aware that his little machine uses are virtually unlimited and could go well beyond what VIA imagined, so we read on the official website which is available for download: the ROM, Bootloader and APC Kernel. Hackers will have all the cards in hand, and on the forum will also be the place for people to exchange and build a community around the project. Deliveries are scheduled for July and the project should begin to grow. With good and strong distributions, this could assure success, much like the Raspberry Pi elsewhere!

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