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VIA EITX-3001 squeezes 1080p HD playback onto tiny mainboard


You can generally rely on VIA for a skinny mainboard with HD credentials, and their new VIA EITX-3001 doesn’t disappoint.  Based around the Em-ITX standard, a compact 12 x 17 cm form-factor, the fanless EITX-3001 packs an integrated 1.3GHz VIA Nano E-Series processor, VIA VX855 media system processor and HDMI connector, and is suitable for outputting 1080p High Definition video with hardware decoding of MPEG-2, H.264, VC-1 and WMV9 content.

via eitx 3001 4 540x334


There’s also a VGA port, gigabit ethernet, dual COM ports, four USB ports, a USB device port and audio jacks, and then there are plenty of headers for hooking up other devices and display options.  VIA also offer a range of wireless modules and I/O cables, and the EITX-3001 also has a USB touchscreen driver onboard.

VIA reckon the EITX-3001 will be of most interest to kiosks, embedded and other relatively dull applications, but we can see home users drawn to its low-power requirements, fanless build and HD output; it would make for an interesting HTPC unit, certainly.  No word on pricing, though it’s apparently available to customers now.

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