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Veebeam HD Wireless HD Streaming Device

Veebeam presents the Veebeam HD wireless HD content streaming device. The device allows user to stream full HD (1080p) content of the computer (PC or laptop) to HDTV via WiFi connectivity. It is suitable for use in laptop keyboard and trackpad to control the playback.


The Veebeam HD offers optical audio output for surround sound and a USB dongle with an antenna that is able to stream content wirelessly with a claimed top speed of 150 Mb / s.

Veebeam also has lite version, called the Veebeam SD. The SD device has a wireless streaming, “only” quality to 480i.

It is a powerful computer needs a 2.2 GHz or higher Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel processor i3/i5/i7, 2MB cache, 2MB, and RAM. Veebeam HD is compatible with Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6), Windows 7, Vista and XP. Furthermore, the UPnP and DLNA protocols.

The price of Veebeam HD is $ 139, while the Veebeam SD is $ 99.

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