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Using your Raspberry Pi 2013 with XBMC

A new version of raspbmc is here for 2013! Some new tweaks have been made and performance greatly improved, I cover my re installation in detail, helping you get the most out of your Raspberry Pi, all the way through to adding my content and using a new alternative to the old XBMC remote app for android.


Installation and Setup

Part 1 covers initial setup, quick overview of some of the changes and overclocking.

Adding movies, scrapers and theme options

Part 2 covers adding content such as movies to the raspberry pi, streaming from your local network and setting up the movie information from various sources, which will automatically add cover art and film details to all of your collection.

Organising/cleaning library, showing UI performance

Part 3 continues the setup of your newly added content, I show how to clean up your library, reacquire the information and artwork of your movies and demonstrate just how fluid the interface is with the latest build of raspbmc and the ‘fast’ overclock profile selected.

How to add and configure an Android Remote App

Part 4 is all about the amazing remote app called Yatse for android, I cover everything from installation, navigation and features, viewing and controlling your library, streaming YouTube videos and local content via AllShare for android.

by aran large

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