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Use your Android Phone to Wake Up Your PC Automatically

“PCAutoWaker is an app that instantly wakes your computer as soon as (or even before) you walk in the door, once it connects to your wi-fi
network. The app’s Wake-on-LAN feature can actually wake up to 5 PCs on your network.”

Here is an interesting scenario: you leave your dwelling in the morning and your PC’s all go to sleep to conserve energy. Later in the day you return home. As soon as your Android phone is within proximity of your network, it sends a signal automatically over your wi-fi network to the PCs to wake them up. When you sit down to use them they are ready to go.

If this sounds like a useful scenario for you, then you will want to check out PCAutoWaker. There are a few things to configure to get it set up properly, but for many situations and configurations it will not be too difficult. Among the information you will need to know is both the SSID (name of your wireless access point) and the MAC (Media Access Control address, which is a unique identifier assigned to most network adapters or network interface cards (NICs) by the manufacturer for identification) addresses of each computer that you want to be able to wake. You will need to enter the configuration information in the app, and, in some instances, you may need to configure the PCs themselves. Hit our Read link for additional information and give the app a whirl.


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