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USB-IF: New USB Audio/Video Standard

The USB-IF organization announced the arrival of a new USB standard. The difference is that it is not about transfer speed, but rather to provide connectivity via the widespread transmission of audio-video and the many benefits of the standard.

The USB-IF announces the arrival of a new USB A/V standard, which will connect for example a device such as a touch pad or a smartphone directly on a compatible TV, so you can:

  • audio-video signal transmission;
  • simultaneously recharge the unit in question
  • use the Mass Storage
  • data transfer, etc..

The advantage is that unlike the conventional HDMI connection, USB A/V has a very wide range of specificities. “This addition further establishes USB as an all-inclusive, comprehensive solution for manufacturers and consumers, while maintaining the affordability and ease-of-use that have made USB so successful“, said the President and CEO of USB-IF Jeff Ravencraft.

Pending the arrival of the first compatible devices, the interest of manufacturers should probably occur fairly quickly, as this new standard is based on a policy not requiring the payment of any royalties from manufacturers.

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