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Ultra Low Voltage processors: The Celeron 807 and 847 ULV arrive

The Ultra low-power processors have not disappeared from the Intel’s catalog as evidenced by the arrival of the Celeron 807 and 847, two references in ancient Sandy Bridge architecture. They are directed only to the desktop computers market despite their thermal envelope of 17 Watts.

The Celeron 807 and 847 ULV come with an engraving process of 32 nm (22 nm for Ivy Bridge) and have 17W TDP. In detail the 807 is a 1.5 GHz  single-processor, backed by 1.5 MB cache and accompanied by an Intel HD 3000 graphics solution at 950 MHz. The Celeron 847 is equipped with two processing cores, a 2 MB cache, a HD 3000 graphics solution at 800 MHz and an operating frequency of 1.1 GHz.

Despite a relatively low thermal envelope (17 Watts), Intel recommends their use in a desktop and not in a laptop. A curious choice because they represent an opportunity in the development of low cost mobile machines. Note that the NM70 chipset accompanies them to ensure full compatibility with the latest specifications of the next operating system from Microsoft, aka Windows 8.

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