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Two Gigabyte’s mini-ITX motherboards WiDi compatibles

It’s Gigabyte’s turn to officialize the introduction of two mini-ITX motherboards. It must be said that competition is strangely expanding to this board format, the trend is to prefer the mini-ITX instead of the MicroATX form factor is being confirmed more and more. Both models, simply named Z77N-WIFI and H77N-WIFI, refering to the used chipset, respectively Z77 and H77, the first one supporting overclocking and the other don’t.

The boards are like two drops of water, close to the capacitor, if the name was not displayed on the PCB, the confusion would be inevitable. In this regard, Gigabyte made available the same layout for the LGA1156 socket with an extremely close PCIe graphics port, threfore we must be particularly alert about the cooler you choose. This arbitrary placement of socket opens up another aspect, which deals with the integration of technology.

In this game, Gigabyte has not joked with wifi (Intel Widi compatible) and Bluetooth 4 via antennas and a common card on the PCB, dual BIOS UEFI, Ultra Durable 4 standard, PCIe 3.0, 4 SATA ports (2 SATA 6Gbps and 2 SATA 3Gbps), 2 slots for DDR3 RAM @ 1600Mhz up to 16GB, DVI and HDMI ouputs, Full HD support and even 4 USB3.0 port.

The price for the Z77 and H77 are of course not identical, count with $140 and $120 respectively.

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