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Two Ethernet Ports for the Netgear CPL 200 Mbps Outlet

Presentation of a new Netgear Powerline Outline that offers not one but two Ehternet ports.

Netgear has a new CPL kit to its Nano 200 Mbits series. It is rather interesting since it is unusual to offer a filtered socket (to not lose the power outlet in use) as one of the two boxes has two Ethernet ports. Officially named CPL 200AV + Nano Dual-port (reference XAVB2602), this kit makes it possible to connect the first box to the Internet router and connect over the other box, two Ethernet devices, like a box and a TV game console for example.

The theoretical maximum throughput is 200 Mbps, which is in actual use a maximum throughput of 90 Mbps, says Netgear. The outlets include the usual indicator lights and a diagnostic function. The data passing through the electrical cable can also be encrypted via the “Push & Secure” button without having to set a password. The Powerline adapters automatically enter standby when not requested by the network to no longer consume less than 1 Watt. The case with only two Ethernet ports is available now at a price of €59.90 including VAT and the complete kit is sold €99.99.

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